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Why keeping your mental space in order is important?

What is mental toughness in sports? How can it help you?

Mental toughness is the ability to cope with change and challenges, keep your confidence high, staying focused, and staying composed, even in the most difficult situations.

Mental toughness gives athletes the ability to perform at the highest potential under the most stressful conditions or important competitions. This helps you perform more consistently by improving focus, confidence, and emotional control when under pressure.

Mental toughness helps your ability to overcome obstacles such as mistakes, bad games, injuries, and other setbacks. The greatest off all time have always been able to bounce back after a bad play or game, never allowing it to trip them up.

Mental toughness gives you the motivation to learn the physical and mental skills necessary to compete for your best against the toughest competition and, achieve your goals. In-game, the best thing you can learn as a player is that the past, is the past. All you can focus on is the present and your the play your on right now. This allows you to put your all into the moment and not be split energetically

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